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I like clubs. I like belonging. And I like shopping. Or I used to. It seems that is getting less fun as those extra 20 pounds you were going to lose 10 years ago are still there and chain stores don’t seem to care about people who look like me. I like feeling good – and if at all possible – looking good in my clothes. Comfy and pretty and fun.

And I like to laugh and reminisce. So I went looking for a happy, fun and fashion, social place online that combined all of those things for women like me. And I couldn’t find it.

So – I thought – I’ll build it. As Jeremy (from Top Gear and now Grand Tour) says – “How hard can it be?”

That’s how FlashinDivas was born. I have built the framework for a club but we can do the rest together. It’s an adventure in virtual kinship that I hope you will join. It will only be fun if you do! It’s a place to share stories – ours and those of the people who make the products on the website.

And – if you couldn’t tell already! – I am new to this running an online club thing. So I am bound to make some mistakes along the way. Here is my opening promises to FlashinDivas members:

  • I will not bombard you with emails, and FaceBook posts.
  • I will tell you when new stuff has been added to the website.
  • I will not be doing deep discounts on products. I only get a small amount of inventory so some of you can try the brand. Most of what is there is not kept in stock – when it’s gone it’s gone.
  • I will test all the products myself so I can honestly endorse them.
  • I will try to answer emails the same day or the next day.

I look forward to creating a fun and fashion club with you!!

Laura McCallum


About Me

I am a marketing adventurer who has had an exciting and circuitous career in the USA and Canada building brands for big and little companies. I have collected three dogs, a doctorate degree and a husband along the way. And an alter ego named Flora that keeps me in touch with my silly side.