Amuse and a Muse

There are two things I love to do – making people laugh and going shopping. There are others too – golf, Scrabble, long hikes in the woods – but those two are pretty high on the list! The crazy challenge is – can those two things be done together in the virtual world? And that’s how FlashinDivas was born.

I believe in the power of laughter to make everything seem less daunting. I won’t bore you with medical studies that support this – the gabillion views of funny cat and dog videos are proof enough. There are new challenges we gals face at 50 and beyond that need to be laughed at. And that’s where Flora takes over. If you have a topic that you think Flora should talk about then drop her an email at And check out her new Time Out that starts with how we all once upon a time had our colours done.

I have also always loved to shop. I think it was triggered when I had a job that ‘forced’ me to go to every major mall in Canada. And as I moved all around Canada and the USA, walking a mall in the evenings helped me relax. Maybe it was to stretch my legs after too long behind a computer all day. Maybe it was because drier and warmer than what Mother Nature was serving up outside. Or maybe it was to see the new colors, touch the fabrics, and hunt for special finds on the sales rack. Strolling in a mall helped me process my day.

I am happy to go shopping alone. But I also love to be a shopping muse for my friends. Being with friends and shopping together is so fun. When we find something special together, it becomes a favorite – every time you where it reminds you of your time with friends. Do you have a few things in your closet like that?

Shopping out there in the real world is changing though. There are fewer stores that carry clothes that suit our age and shape. The department stores are disappearing. The independent stores too. The beautiful little brands are harder to find. Quality and luxurious fabrics has been replaced by cheap and quantity.

So I have challenged myself to be your virtual shopping muse. What if I can help you find lovely things, try them out and tell you about the people that make them? Can I recapture some of that magic using video and real people – not skinny Minnie models – in the clothes?

That’s what FlashinDivas is all about – fun and fashion, sharing stories and reminiscing. Enjoying where we’ve been and where we are going. I thank-you for the opportunity to amuse you and be your muse. Laughing and shopping are both so much more fun when you get to do it with friends!


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  1. sandy June 25, 2018 at 12:06 pm

    I find the same thing — even though my head knows that mega-retail chains make things harder for individual shops and merchants (which I love to discover, and which can give every town and city its own flavour) I still find it somehow soothing to go to the mall. Due to some deep childhood memory, no doubt. You ARE fun, Laura/Flora — keep it up!

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