So I’m thinking: What about an online club?

So I’m thinking: What about an online club that’s not about me-ing, but all about we-ing?

Hi – I’m Laura in Nova Scotia – and I’m a woman of a certain age looking for a quirky new challenge. One that involves sharing my joy of life, finding fashion and gear that suits women my age and shape (or is it my shapeless age?), and having fun with like-minded women all over the world by creating a new kind of club on the Internet.

Lately I’ve found that when I plop down in front of my computer and go for a virtual stroll, as odd as it sounds, the Internet is a little boring. Predictable. Same old, same old.

I found some online clubs close to what I had in mind—the concept, yes, but not the products and people. I could buy cheap razors and athletic wear. I could be a ‘member’ at a dating site. But there is no community happening there, just me-ing – I mainly found buying or selling relationships (and on the dating sites – a bit of both!)

In those clubs, the members are searching for the same thing, but the final transaction is me-centric, not we-centric. They buy and move on. Badabing-badaboom.

So I thought, “Laura, shake things up. Try something new. Just for us gals of a certain age.” And this blog and website and “club”—FlashinDivas—is it! Ta-dah!

My hope is to make it about us — we-ing (no, not weeing! Unless we are laughing our pants off – because it’s also about having fun together!). Because let’s face it, we have years of being social busy bees under our belts and we’ve got stories and needs and opinions  . . .  and I want to give us a place to share it all . . . in the cloud!

But I can’t, of course, do it without you, my friends.

Here’s the way I see it: Whenever I moved to a new town—and I have lived in more than a dozen places across Canada and the States—and was looking for people like me, I would join a club—a golf club or a service club, or both. Or I would take up a new activity. I became a hooker in one town and hung out with other more experienced hookers to learn their secrets. (Rug hooking of course – what were you thinking?)

Now, on the cusp of 60, I have friends scattered across the continent. We stay in touch through the magic of the Interweb. If it works for me, could it not also work for other fun divas as a club? Could this be a way to find more crazy gals to share a few laughs and trade a few finds and tales with?

I think so. And with this blog, FlashinDivas is born. Hope you’ll join me on this next leg of the joy ride! Oh! And did I mention that there will also be fun contests and exclusive offers? And – a crazy woman in a purple wig?